Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ Pumpkin Spice Latte Mishap

“Eeewww!” Kat Screeches as she cups her hands over her mouth trying to stifle her sarcastic and over exaggerated outburst.

“I know, I know…” I roll my eyes and huff. “It was so embarrassing.” I cup my face in my hands. “He’ll never want to try to kiss me ever again.” Although, that may not be a bad thing at this point.

“Oh hunnie, he will too.” Kat is trying not to laugh. There is nothing funny about this. “It may be a while, but he will.” And now she’s laughing.

I glare at her. “Maybe it’s good it didn’t happen. It’s too soon anyway.”

“Too soon!” Kat exclaims. “You need this to happen Raven. You have got to move past this. Grant’s gone, he’s not coming back. And even if he did, he’s a Prick and doesn’t deserve you.”

I wince at her painful yet truthful statement. Deep down inside, I know she’s right. Grant’s gone and even if he did come back, there is no way I could forgive him for what he did. As much as it hurts, that was a dick thing to do and I deserve better than him. Although, after I got sick earlier, right as Asher was leaning in for a kiss, I’m thinking that he isn’t going to be my better choice. God I can’t believe I threw up in Asher’s pumpkin spice latte cup. It was the only thing within reach and there was no way I was going to make it to the bathroom. At least the cup was a large size, and almost empty. “Well, I don’t think anything is going to happen with Asher now. Not after that,” I pout.

“You couldn’t help it! Don’t worry so much about it. I’m sure he understands. He even asked me if I was sure I didn’t need him to stick around any longer when I got here. That alone tells me he was affected by what happened. I sent him packing for your sake though. I could tell that you were mortified.”

“I still am. And thank you.” I’m not sure if I’m relieved or dismayed that he wanted to stick around longer. He rushed to get me out of that coffee shop and get us both back to the apartment, probably in hopes that I wouldn’t puke all over the inside of his Lexus. Once we got back here, I reclused to my bedroom, lay down in bed and ended up falling asleep. Kat was here and Asher wasn’t when I woke up.

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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