Phoenix ~

Her soul so deep
It has no bounds
Trapped in the silence
Of deafening sounds.
Fear she will conquer
Pain she will know no more
The tears she has cried
Leaving her body broken and sore.
Divinity above her
A door opens wide
Yet she cowers in the darkness
Afraid of what’s inside.
Listen my child
The voice she hears
Lift up your chin and dry those tears.
Your pain that you suffer
It’s not yours to bear
You’re stronger than this
Let go of your fear.
Take back your power
Stand your ground
The strength inside
You have finally found.
She slowly stood
Fire ignited deep inside
No more tears
No more pain
From nothing else she will hide.
The earth began to shake
Beneath her feet as she moved
Eyes fixated on the door
All her obstacles removed.
Her soul began to sing
To her past she said goodbye
The phoenix spread her wings
Then she took to the sky.

© Nicky D ’23