See Me ~

Do you feel its heartbeat
Is it the same as mine
When you hold it
Do you like the feel of its spine 

The stories it tells
All the information it holds
When you put it down
Do you feel lonely and cold

Does it stare back at you
Longing across its face
I wish I could be seen like that
So I stay here, just in case

A deep attraction 
I can’t compete with that
It clearly has more to offer 
But where is its soul at

I’ll sit here in silence
Waiting for my turn 
Watching you watching it
Wishing your eyes would burn

If I need to say something 
I best type it in
The only way you’ll really hear me
Is if I hit Send

Precious time being wasted 
We’ll never get that back
But don’t worry about me
You keep your focus on that 

I shouldn’t have to ask 
You should want to give 
I’m supposed to be your partner 
Yet a lonely life I live

By the time you notice that I’m gone
It’ll be too late to try and plea
As long as you kept my picture on your phone 
At least there you will finally see me

© Nicky D ’23