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Title: Scrupulous
An Affliction of Falling Novel
Author: Kristina Canady

Book to be released August 1, Pre-Order Available now!

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Some men just can’t accept that a woman can be perfectly content without them. I mean, come on; a girl can get laid anytime she wants, it’s not like it’s hard. And lord knows, I have no interest in a relationship, there is no time for that drama-filled nonsense. Pursuing my passion in life is all that I have time for. Selfish and short sighted? Perhaps, but I know what I want out of life and have no problem going after it. Life is a string of decisions, constructed and manifested by us. I own mine and don’t apologize for it either.
Defined by my past, I hadn’t ever considered love as an option for someone like me. That is, until I spotted that sweet little brunette from across the crowded room. It was magnetic, and as much as she tried to resist, I was going to have her. Come heaven or high water, she would be mine.

Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ I’ll be there to catch you…

“Thank you for the roses,” I finally say. “That was so thoughtful of you and they truly are beautiful.”

“You’re most welcome. And as beautiful as they may be, they don’t even come close to comparison to you.”

Oh wow, did he just say that? I feel my face ignite yet again. I divert my attention to the floor. I am flattered and embarrassed by his genuine charm. “Thank You.”

“Are you ready to go?” He reaches out and brushes my arm with his hand.

“I am. Just let me grab my coat. Where are we going by the way?” I assume I’m dressed appropriately for whatever he has planned.

A huge grin spreads across Asher’s face. “Do you like to ice skate?”

Omg, seriously? I haven’t been ice skating in years. I gulp as my eyes damn near pop out of my head. “I love it! I haven’t done it in years, but I think it sounds like a lot of fun.” I let out a nervous laugh. “I hope I don’t break anything!”

“You won’t. I’ll be there to catch you if you fall.” His face softens and I see the sincerity in his eyes reflecting what he just said.

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All Who Are Lost, by Lindsey Forrest!



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Title: All Who Are Lost

Series: Ashmore’s Folly, Book 1

Author: Lindsey Forrest

Genre(s): adult contemporary fiction, women’s literature, romance

To celebrate the upcoming release of All That Lies Broken, Book 2 in her Ashmore’s Folly series, author Lindsey Forrest has put book #1, All Who Are Lost, on sale at an absolutely unbelievable price! This is a reading experience that should NOT be missed! The sale begins Monday, June 15th and will end on June 30th. See what you’ve been missing!


Three women.

Three sisters growing up in the shadow of their father’s obsessive drive to recapture his lost muse, the woman he threw into the cold Irish sea.

One man.

The scion of a great family estate in Virginia, falling in love with the wrong sister, blind to the ice at her core.

Too many betrayals.

A girl, rejected and ignored by the man she loved, choosing to walk away forever.

A man living a life of regret and sacrifice, trying to atone for a New Year’s Eve kiss that wrecked his marriage.

A fragile wife, lost in her own lies, unable to halt the devastation she set in motion with one vicious lie.

A woman haunted by a moment of blood and violence, when she reached out and took a man who didn’t belong to her.

One last chance.

On a clear summer day, Laura St. Bride’s life changes in smoke and flame. Even as the fires of grief rage on, a man reaches out from the past and tells her to come home.

Can she truly go home again?
Can sisters, bred to be bitter rivals from birth, learn to forgive the sins of the past?
Can a family, once smashed apart, find peace and rebirth?

What do you do
when the love of your life
is the last person you should love?

Can a man and a woman cast aside the violence of their past
and reach out for the last love of their lives?

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In his life, Richard Ashmore had made three mistakes with women. Not that three was so unusual; no man reached his thirties without suffering the particular pain that women could inflict and without inflicting it in return. He was luckier than most men, perhaps, for he had erred early and grievously, and caution had been driven into him like a bullet. He carried with him permanent reminders of his follies: a marriage gone disastrously wrong, the painful conscience that he had not always been the upright man his daughter loved, a shoulder that ached in cold weather.

Ah, Diana, unattainable once attained, a monumental mistake made in all the first flush of adolescent desire and pride. Too young to marry, too blindly in love to recognize the ice behind her eyes, he had turned a deaf ear to his father’s warning that his princess was hollow at her core.

Francie, silver-quick smile and hungry eyes, and his own need for the warmth of a woman’s arms. The dangerous combination of a magnum of champagne on New Year’s Eve and three years of exile from his marriage bed had erupted into a springtime of madness. The gods had demanded their due: a marriage wrecked beyond salvage, a family foundered, two young women cast adrift.

And the third…. Oh, but even now, all these years later, he stood before her picture, and he still did not understand. She watched him from the poster, more animated in flat gray and white than he had ever known her. But he knew those eyes. He knew how they adored him, how they burned in fever and desire, how they haunted odd moments of the day and dark pockets of the night.

Diana. Francie. Laura the Cat.

He supposed he had a special weakness for shuttered eyes that invited a man in with promises implied and unkept, for wild autumn hair spread gloriously across a pillow, for tall, elegant figures and clear, sweet voices and beguiling, destructive ways. They all three had this and more in common, and why not? They were sisters, after all.

I know you’re out there somewhere….

She stared out across a crowded London square, unknowing, unseeing, the serenity of her face captured in the flat surface of the theatrical poster. The light noon rain ran down in small diagonal rivers across her, crinkling the smooth plain of her forehead and the gentle cut of her jaw. She wept, large, abandoned tears that warred with the lovely turn of her mouth.

The Great Cat, they called her.

Many of those who had come to Leicester Square, hunting for half-price theater tickets, gravitated to her, beckoned by her eyes, lured on by the legend of mist and mystery that surrounded her. A few balked at the price of “An Intimate Evening with Cat Courtney.” Others realized to their sorrow that they had conflicting tickets, meals planned with in-laws, flights to catch. Three nights only, announced the poster, and this, unfortunately, was the last night.

She smiled out at them all, oblivious to their concerns, uncaring of the rain wetting her face.

The American tourist who came walking into the square, his daughter by his side, did not notice her at first. The rain had stopped for a few minutes, and other matters engaged him: folding up a handy umbrella, glancing at his watch, reading a guide book over his daughter’s shoulder. For one minute longer, he remained merely a tourist on a much-needed vacation. For one minute longer, the Great Cat never crossed his mind.

But the Great Cat could wait, and for this man she would wait forever.

She had left him a decade before, both of them reeling from the blood of their folly, in a deserted cottage on a desolate shore on the other side of the world. Had she eyes to see, she would know him instantly.

Eventually, respite ended. Eventually, Richard Ashmore lifted his head, his eyes scanning across the theatrical posters, in search of an evening’s entertainment suitable for a young girl. The titles made little impression – Les Miserables, The Graduate, Noises Off – until he saw her and everything around her blurred into oblivion.

He knew her too, instantly.


His worst mistake.

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Lindsey Forrest, a lead writer/editor for an international information company, writes about income tax but prefers to dream of heroes and heroines and grand romance. With the publication of her trilogy, she checks off the top entry on her bucket list. She lives in north Texas with her family and cat and has a five-year plan for becoming a full-time novelist and editor of indie fiction. When she isn’t working or writing, she amuses herself with reading, needlepointing, tramping around historical sites and houses, and outbidding everyone who gets in her way on Ebay.

Visit Lindsey’s web site at You can also learn more about the Ashmore’s Folly Trilogy at

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5-Star Amazon Reviews…

“I read the reviews for this book and expected a good read but nothing prepared me for the intensity of emotions that the author brought to life in this deeply rooted saga.
With the stories of three families intertwined we see how one person’s hope is another’s hate. How one person’s loss is another’s passion and how life creates good and bad moments in the blink of an eye. This is a haunting read and the author draws you in to the lives of the characters while adding layer after layer of family dreams, hopes, desires and despair. Prepare to feel the joy as well as the agony of characters throughout this read. The story is solidly written and leaves you wanting more so I’m glad this is just the first book and can hardly wait for what may be coming next…”

“WOW!!!! I just finished “All Who Are Lost” by Lindsey Forrest. I LOVED it! I am an avid reader, but this is not my usual genre. Or SO I THOUGHT! This book spans multiple genre’s ( romance, drama, mystery & intrigue, and even historical)! There are so many twists and turns to the story, and so many individual stories with twists and turns it literally made my head spin and I had a hard time putting it down.It is the 1st of a trilogy, and I can not wait for book 2! I think this is a Hallmark mini series prospect! I absolutely highly recommend this book!”


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Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ You’re Sorry?!

Grant slowly releases me as I turn to face him. His eyebrows are drawn together and he has a confused look on his face. I can tell that he is waiting for me to react to Kat’s accusation, but I don’t know what to say, because she’s right. We stand there looking into each other’s eyes; neither one of us knowing what to say or who should go first.

“How about we go sit down,” he finally suggests. I nod and turn to leave the bathroom, Grant stays close behind. I make my way to my bed and sit down on the edge of it. He stands for a moment hesitating, and I motion with my eyes for him to sit down beside me.

“You’re really here.” My voice is shaky. I’m trying not to cry, again.

“Yes, Raven, I’m really here.” He smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Why?” I ask.

“I needed to see you.”

“But why? Why now?”

“I needed to see you. I needed to make sure that you’re okay.” Grant’s face is full of concern and remorse.

“Do I look okay to you?” He flinches at my hateful tone.

“I’m sorry Raven.” Grant drops his head.

You’re sorry?” I suddenly feel pissed off. “Do you have any idea what I’ve been through these past few weeks?” I feel myself being swallowed by a fit of rage.

“No, I don’t…and yes, I’m sorry…” Grant is stammering over his words. He clearly doesn’t know what to say or do.

“How could you do that! How could you up and leave like that without saying anything! Do I mean so little to you! Fuck!” I struggle to wipe the tears that are now streaming once again down my cheeks. I am angry at myself for looking so weak and vulnerable. I don’t want him to see me like this. I have cried enough tears for this man.

“Raven please…” Grant scoots in closer to me. He looks as if he wants to reach out and touch me but isn’t sure if he should. Instead he keeps his hands in his lap. His face is filled with desperation.

“Please what!” I bite. “What in the hell do you want from me!”

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