Never Understanding ~

Loving you is not what I want.
With a broken heart
my memories you will haunt.

Laughter and kisses
Promises made
Heartache and tears
Now broken and betrayed.

Why won’t the pain stop
I need it all to end
Pain ripping through me
Destroying me from within.

I’ll never understand why
Or what I did to make it stop
To lose the love you had for me
To my knees my whole world dropped.

Lying on the ground
Torn, twisted and lost
I had no idea
What losing you would cost.

Me still loving you
Or you not loving me
Who’s the bigger fool in this
I think I’m starting to see.

Trying to hold on
But slowly slipping away
Coming to an end
For soon it will be my last day.

My eyes will gently close
My breathing will start to slow
Succumbing to the pain
A hurt that I hope you never know.

Then with a heavy heart
And a painful goodbye
I’ll cry my last tear
Never understanding why.

(C) Nicky D ’19