Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ Conflicted

As he’s leaving my bedroom, I flop my head back down on my pillow and sigh. I immediately notice that Asher’s cologne is intertwined within my bed sheets and the pillow he was laying on. I take in a slow deep breath and exhale slowly. Damn that smells soooo good. I won’t be washing these for a while. Someone slap me quick! Why am I even having thoughts like this? What is wrong with me! I am not interested in Asher Hammond. I am in love with Grant Alexander.

That thought instantly causes pain to rip through my heart as I think about Grant and how his leaving has affected me. He doesn’t deserve my love. Obviously I don’t mean a damn thing to him, or he’d still be here. I huff, out loud as I feel tears pooling in my eyes. And I’m so damn sick of wasting my tears on him too.

Not wanting to gravel in self pity any longer, I get up out of bed and head into the bathroom for a nice warm shower. Hopefully that will help clear my head and lighten my heart. I feel my stomach starting to growl and I am suddenly aware of just how hungry I really am. I am starving! Better make this a quick shower. Besides, I wouldn’t want to keep Asher waiting. The faster I shower, the faster Asher will be back in here with breakfast in my bed.

Raven! I shake my head in reaction to my own inappropriate thoughts as I step into the shower and let the warm water wash over me.

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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