Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ Asher

My eyes shoot open as my screams escape me. It’s dark, I can’t see. I am gasping for air. My bedroom door flies open.

“God, Raven!” I hear someone say as they are rushing towards me in the dark. I feel a set of strong arms wrap around me. I scream louder. I am kicking and trying to break free.

“Raven, stop, I’ve got you….shhh, I’m here, I’ve got you.” It’s Asher. Oh my God, what’s he doing here? “Raven, please….relax….” His voice is calm and soothing. I stop kicking. I stop struggling. My tears start flowing. I am sobbing uncontrollably; shaking from head to toe. I feel Asher hold me even tighter. He starts stroking my hair and gently rocking me back and forth as I nestle my face into his chest and weep.

I inhale a different, yet familiar scent. Mmmm, something smells good. As I am slowly waking from a deep slumber I realize that although I’m snuggled up in my own bed, I am not in here alone. My eyes flutter open and I find that I am tucked safely into the arms of someone. What the hell? I tilt my head back and my breath catches as my eyes come into focus and I see that the person who is holding onto me so tightly is Asher.

I feel myself on the verge of panic as I’m trying to remember what happened and how he got into my bed. Just relax Raven, and think. I slowly and quietly take in a long slow deep breath, hold it for a little bit, and then exhale. I’m doing my best to not disturb Asher as I try to remember why he’s here with me in his arms. The smell of his cologne is actually helping to relax me. He does smell good.

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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