Changed ~

Closed off
That’s what they say

Might be an accurate assumption

Why won’t she let me in?
What’s happened to her?
She’s changed
I’m protecting myself

She rarely smiles
Why does she appear so empty?
I miss the sound of her laugh
I miss it too

I don’t understand her
Where is her head at?
I can’t get through to her
Just please stop trying

She’s not the same person
I don’t know what else to do
Does she even see who she has become?
Do I even care what you think you know?

I hope she finds herself again
She seems so absent
She needs to let someone help her
I was never lost

I’m right here
Encased in this protective shell
Hardened by your vile behavior
Hiding from your ignorance and false assumptions
You made me this way
Maybe I have changed
And so should you…

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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