Demons ~

Walking through a dense fog
Created by my own demons
I shudder as they stare
Can they see what is inside?
I try to keep it hidden
Protected from the world
Not allowing anyone in
Yet now it is completely controlling me.
A pretty smile on my face
A twinkle in my eye
This facade for the world to see
Do they know I’m dying inside?
Is the pain starting to bleed through
Seeping out from within
Poisoning the words that escapes my lips
Dulling the luster in my hazel eyes.
It slowly consumes me
The high that comes from the pain
The pain that comes from the venom
That races through my veins
Living to kill me.
Don’t get too close
It’s safer that way
Better for you to not be tainted
By the poison that is encompassing my soul.
You can’t save me
No one can
Not anymore
Not from this…

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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