When the Devil falls for an Angel ~

Silver Tongued Devil by C.S. Bailey
His words cut through heart strings like razor blades,
Slithering like silk, his words infect.
Saying all the right things,
Until your admiration cascades.

Haunting your thoughts with a brighter future,
Sipping from your personality.
making you hang on his every word,
Promising to mask your pain like a suture.

Calling you out from your protective notions,
Laying you bare for his every demand.
Crushing your cravings with every touch,
Fiddling like a surgeon with your emotions.

Your wide eyed as you revel,
Swamped by his lust for you.
Bound by his needs,
In love with a silver tongued devil.

Scarlet Angel~
Her words so angelic to his ears
The melodic silkiness wraps around his slithering facade
Everything about her is virtuous
His adoration for her swells

Invading his already poisoned thoughts
Filling his soul with her light
Making him breathe in her every word
Extinguishing his pain from deep within

Breaking down the walls from which you are hidden
She tears you open exposing you for you who really are
Igniting your senses with her every touch
Your emotions raw and filled with lust

Her eyes void of sin as you welter
Drowning in your thirst for her
Enslaved by your needs
In love with a Scarlet Angel

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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