Ravens Innocence ~ Unedited Excerpt Chapter 2

“You look stunning, as always.” I smile. “I’m almost ready to go, I just need to grab a couple of things and shove them in my new clutch that you bought me for my birthday, which I love by the way.” I really do love it. It’s red and black and screams sassy. Kat has great taste. She can look at clothing and accessories and throw them together to create a masterpiece. I on the other hand, am lucky if my socks match. I am very simple and lacking in the fashion department. I rarely go shopping without Kat by my side.
I grab a few things from my purse and locate my cute little fold up flats, whoever invented these were genius. Hmmm, I feel like I am missing something. I stand in the middle of the hotel room looking around. “Have you seen my phone?” I call out to Kat.
“It’s probably still in your bag.”
I dig my phone out of my bag and realize that it’s also shut off. Kat must have shut it off after she took it from me. Great, I hope I didn’t miss anything important, like Grant calling me. I haven’t talked to him since last night before Kat and I hit the strip to go shopping and Grant was heading out to have a few drinks with his brother. At least I don’t have to worry about it not being charged. I turn it on and impatiently wait for it to power itself up.
“Shit!” Five missed calls, two voicemails, and 3 text messages, all from Grant. “Kaaat! No thanks to you I missed all the calls and messages from Grant! It looks like he has been trying to get a hold of me all afternoon!” Unfreaking believable!
“That’s what voicemail is for. Chill!” she snaps back at me. I love her to death but right now I want to slap the snarky right out of her. I look at the text messages first. “I’m trying call you, please call me as soon as you get this”. “Have you got any of my messages”. “Raven, where the fuck are you!” Okay, that last text message was a little uncalled for. Grant could have omitted the F word. I get it, he needs to talk to me, jeesh! So unlike him, I don’t think I’ve heard him swear once yet. I decide to skip the voicemails and just call him. I’m glaring at Kat while I wait for Grant to pick up on his end.
“Grant Alexander”, Grant snaps when he finally answers the phone. Why is he answering his phone like that? He should know it’s me. “Grant, it’s Raven” I say softly.
“It’s about damn time you called me back. I have been trying to reach you all damn day! You have a mobile phone. Why didn’t you have it on you! Hence the world MOBILE.”
Wow, I can’t believe he is actually yelling at me right now. I am still glaring at Kat through clouded vision, this is all her fault that he is this angry. I can’t believe she took my phone and shut it off. Kat is looking at me with sincere confusion. I have to turn around because I don’t want her to see the tears start to stream down my cheeks. I have yet to see Grant angry and I have never heard him talk like this, ever. Now I’m on the receiving end of an asshole attack and I am a few seconds short of jumping off this ride.
“Well, hello to you too.” I hope he doesn’t detect the quivering in my voice. “Look, I don’t know what has suddenly crawled up your ass and died, but I don’t deserve you barking at me like that! So until you can stop throwing your mantrum and talk to me like an adult with the respect I deserve, this conversation is over.” I barely spit those words out through gritted teeth before the flood gates opened. Damn it, there goes my makeup. I go to hit the End button on my phone and I hear Grant call out “Raven wait! Please don’t hang up.” …………

Copyright 2014 ND White

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