How it all started

I always wanted to write a book, I just never was serious about it, until now. I read all the time, as much as I can. When I joined Twitter, I started following the different authors that I was reading. I admit, they became my inspiration. I started researching more about becoming and Indie Author, and I reached out to a couple of them personally on Twitter and Facebook. Sydney Jamesson & AJ Linn are two authors that have been a great inspiration and help to me. Always kinda and willing to give sound advice. (Read their books by the way, you won’t be disappointed!)

I had an idea for a story and presented it to my aunt. Then on September 28th, 2013 I started writing. The more I wrote, the more into the story I got. I knew this was not something I was just doing for fun, it was something I was becoming passionate about, I was falling in love with ~ Writing. And I knew this was a story I had to tell…..

I have to give my aunt a lot of credit because she has been my muse. I have spent many evenings on my commute home from work from the city brainstorming and hashing out ideas for the book. She takes notes and emails them to me while I’m driving.

I’ve had writers block a few times and just had to step away while I sorted things out. This has caused me to get a little behind in the writing process, but I have also been reminded by a couple of authors, and my aunt, “Don’t worry about the time it takes, just write.” So that is what I have been doing.

This first book, Ravens Innocence, I am really hoping for a spring launch, but we shall see. In the meantime, I will update my progress and gives you some sneak peaks. Also, for many of you who know me and are wondering why I am publishing under ND White. Well, my mother was a writer, whom I miss dearly, and in a way, publishing under her last name of ‘White’, is my own personal tribute to her.

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