Raven’s Undoing ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ What am I doing…

Okay, you can do this. I’m giving myself a mental pep talk as I make my way for the big double sliding glass doors of the hotel. I enter the lobby, which is completely vacant except for the older gentleman standing behind the counter with a smile plastered on his face. I nod at him in acknowledgement as I swing a right and head for the first set of elevators doors.

My palms start sweating and my stomach starts churning as the elevator takes its sweet time ascending up to the fourteenth floor. For a split second I consider hitting the ground floor button when it finally stops and the doors open. I step out of the elevator, turn to my left, and slowly start walking down the hall looking for room 1424. My feet feel like they are made of lead. My legs do not want to keep pulling me forward. I can’t believe he is having this effect on me and I haven’t even laid eyes on him yet. I’m supposed to be pissed at him too, for that matter.

Stopping directly in front of his room I take a deep breath before lightly knocking on the door. I hear shuffling inside before the door swings open and Grant is standing there, his turquoise eyes piercing right through me, looking all sexified. As I stand there gazing up at him, I think I have forgotten my own name, or where I’m at, or how to even speak. Grant steps aside motioning for me to enter the room without saying one word to me.

I hear the door close behind me as I sit my purse on a desk table. I begin to take off my coat, but Grant is behind me in an instant helping slip it off my shoulders. “Here, let me hang this up for you,” he sternly whispers. I turn around and watch him put my coat in the closet. I notice that he is barefoot. He looks as if he has just stepped out of the shower actually. He’s wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a loose fitting dark gray t-shirt; his hair damp. He turns and looks at me, his face expressionless. I’m suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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