Just not be ~

My soul bleeds as I wait for you
Constantly torn in a state of euphoric happiness and the torment of a broken heart
Wearing my heart on my sleeve when I know I should be protecting it
Hoping one day you’ll take it from me and shelter it from the storm that I am walking through
The storm that you have pulled me into
Captivating me, holding me hostage yet, I surrender to you
Bowing my head as my tears flow
They run down my cheeks and pool under my feet
I look at my broken reflection
What is happening to this person staring back at me
Who is she becoming
Her eyes reflect the pain and love that she has dwelling deep inside
Her lips have lost their smile as they yearn to feel yours connect with them
In the middle of this storm she is fighting for him
She is fighting for herself
She is fighting for a love that can never be promised
A love that she questions if it even exists
I close my eyes so that I cannot see the beautifully broken girl looking back at me
If only I could not feel
Not want
Not love
Just not be…

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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