Raven’s Innocence~Teaser Tuesday!

Lose Your Innocence (2)

Now, my head is flooded with so much thought and emotion about what has happened tonight. I didn’t expect such a turn of events. I don’t know what I was expecting really, but it wasn’t any of that. Both of us admitting how much we liked each other…I did hope for that, actually. He called me Sweetheart, just the thought of it makes me grin. He told me he wanted to have me for dessert, then he did have me for dessert. The intimacy. The spanking, which I totally liked, by the way. The gentleness of his kiss afterwards. But then there’s the one thing that he said that I keep playing over and over again in my head, “But you might lose your innocence somewhere along the way.”

What in the hell does that mean? One minute he can’t keep his hands off of me, and the next, he tells me that if I get to know the real him, I’ll be running away scared. Running away scared? Okay, so that’s two things he has said tonight that will haunt me for a while…

Copyright © 2014 ND White

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