Ravens Innocence ~ Unedited Excerpt ~ ‘Sweetheart’

I don’t notice the waiter as he approaches with his arms full until he clears his throat to catch our attention. I quickly pull my hand away from Grant’s, but reluctantly. The waiter sets the entrees down on the table, offers us more wine, and then quickly leaves the table knowing he had interrupted some sort of moment between Grant and I.
“That was fast.” I mutter. Grant nods his head agreeing with me. I watch as he unwraps his silverware from the cloth napkin and then drapes the napkin in lap. I am replaying his words in my head, ‘I like you too Raven’. Thinking about them makes me blush all over again.
“What are you thinking that is making you blush?” Grant asks me with a sexy smirk on his face. I look away and unwrap my silverware and place my napkin in my lap as well. I’m trying to keep myself distracted but I feel my cheeks burning up as he doesn’t take his eyes off me. “Why must I always ask you something twice before you’ll answer me?” He says.
“Because you already know the answer, but I think you take great pleasure in watching me squirm.” I really think he does. He knows exactly why I’m blushing.
“Oh sweetheart, I have not even begun to make you squirm.”
I nearly drop my fork and then knock over my wine glass while trying to keep it from falling on the floor. Grant chuckles at me. He really is enjoying this way too much. I am so easily embarrassed and flustered, especially by him. This just re-iterates how much I do like him and the effect he has on me.
“If you must know, and I’m sure you do already, but I was blushing thinking about how you said that you do like me. I am relieved to hear that.”
“Relieved?” he asks.
“Yes, relieved. I wasn’t sure if we were on the same page or not. I didn’t know where this was going.” I’m still not sure if I’m clear on where this is headed. “Where is this going Grant?” I might as well ask.
Grant puts down his fork and leans in towards me, his turquoise eyes blazing a fiery blue. His voice is low to where only I can hear what he is saying. “First we eat. Then we’ll go back to my place, and I will show you exactly where this is going.”
I swallow. That’s all I can do is swallow, as my cheeks light up again. I feel a burning ache in my belly. He doesn’t take his eyes off me and I can’t take mine off him. I have suddenly lost my appetite for food. Check Please!
Grant leans back up away from me, picks his fork back up and smirks. “Your tortellini won’t eat itself Raven. And the sooner you start eating it, the sooner we get back to my place; and then we’ll have dessert.” And with that he takes a bite without taking his eyes off of me.

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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