Ravens Innocence ~ Unedited Excerpt

My mind is racing. Did he just say that? Did I hear him right? I feel a flutter through my chest and I know I’m blushing. I wonder if the people we are passing see me blushing too. I am practically stumbling over my own feet trying to keep up. If Grant didn’t have a hold of my hand, I surely would lose him in this crowd.
The cold wind smacks me in the face as soon as we escape through a set of doors out of the arena. I welcome the bite though because I was feeling very warm and flushed from the crowd of people and from Grant’s sexual innuendo. Grant continues to hold onto my hand as we briskly walk towards his vehicle.
Grant opens my door for me and I get in, without looking at him. He closes my door and rushes to the driver’s side. Once he is in, I still avoid eye contact with him. I can feel my cheeks burning red and I’m trying so hard to not let a big grin break free. I look out my window and pretend to be focusing on the cars in the parking lot. Grant gets the car started and the heat going and then I feel him looking at me, waiting for me to say something. I keep staring out the window wishing he would say something.
“Huh?” I respond still looking out my window, cheeks burning.
“Why won’t you look at me?” I can hear the smile in his voice. He knows that what he said inside is making me blush. I say nothing but I am grinning ear to ear now. My breath is fogging up the window and I wonder if he can see my reflection smiling in the glass.
“Well, I guess we can just sit here then until you talk to me.” I know he’s still looking at me with that gorgeous smile of his. I really could just sit here and stare out the window all evening and not say another word, to make a point, but I know how ridiculous that sounds. I slowly turn my body towards him in the seat, still grinning.
“Why so red in the face?” He teasingly asks. Arse. He knows why. I look down at my fidgety fingers while my cheeks blush even hotter. He sighs real heavy. “I didn’t think a small statement like that would you get you this hot and bothered.”
My eyes flash back up to meet his. “I’m not hot and bothered.” I try to play it off best I can.
“You’re not? Really? Because your beautiful blushing cheeks show otherwise.”
I squirm in my seat. Damn blushing cheeks, gives it away every time. I can keep a poker face but I can’t control the heat. “I’m fine. It’s just that your comment in there took me by surprise is all. You’ve not said anything like that to me before.” My eyes dart away again.
“I haven’t?” He asks aloud. I look back at him and he looks like he is surprised by that. I return the same look of surprise back at him. “Of course not.” He answers his own question and then his face starts to soften as reaches over and takes both my hands in his. What is he doing? I just sit there with a blank look on my face.
“I have had an appetite for you from the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Grant’s tone is serious and his eyes now look like they are burning with desire as he says this to me. Of course the heat is spreading through my cheeks again from this revelation. I sit there unsure of what to say next. I know what I’m thinking, what’s taking so long! But I dare not say that out loud. I know he is waiting for me to give him some sort of reaction. My mouth opens to speak, but nothing comes out, so I shut it again.
“Cat got your tongue, Raven?” He smirks. God I love how he says my name. I feel a burning deep in my belly that is trying to radiate up and ignite my cheeks even more. I swallow and take a deep breath.
“I didn’t know you felt that way about me.” That’s all I can say right now. At least it’s an honest statement.
“Well, I do.” He says. “You’re beautiful Raven. And I can see there is more to you than just a pretty face.” This makes me smile. “And,” he continues, “I don’t know why I have not told you this before now, but I honestly can’t wait to show you just how big my appetite is. I. Want. To. Eat. You. Up.”
My jaw drops open as my eyes widen. Well now, I was not expecting that. Not here, not now. I don’t have much time to think because Grant quickly closes the space between us, cups my face in his hands and starts to kiss me; and I let him. I’m too stunned to do anything else.
Copyright2014 – ND White

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