Set Me Free ~

Hand in hand, we walk to the water’s edge
Silence between us, full of unspoken words
Our thoughts echoing in the wind
Raindrops threatening to fall
You grip my hand tighter
Tears fill my eyes while gazing into the storm clouds above
Water washes over our feet
I don’t remember getting this close
Turning my head slowly to look at you
Your stare fixated on the waters swell
A single tear escapes down my cheek
Trying to find the words, but my lips cannot speak
My breath catches, the frigid water snaking around my core
How did we get here?
Hands now immersed, my fingers start to slip
The ache in my chest intensifies
Drowning in my emotions
Struggling not to be swept away
Do I break free to spare you?
Icy raindrops begin to sting my skin
Whilst you stand there, untouched, emotionless
Anguish sweeps through me
Struggling to stay grounded
Afraid to let go
Pulling from your grip
I take my last breath
Immersing myself in the dark waters
Allowing its crushing weight to swallow me
To consume me
To set me free ~

Copyright ©2016 –ND White

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