Autumn Wind ~

Watching the autumn leaves fall,
the sun glistens on the edges,
close to dusk,
nightfall is near.
A tear escapes down her cheek
as she stares into the fading sun.
Hugging her body tightly,
her arms absorb the shivering
that threatens to unravel her.
As she inhales deeply
the frigid air burns her
from the inside out.
She welcomes the bite,
the icy sting in her veins
is what makes her feel more alive.
A feeling she hasn’t felt since it happened.
That moment when everything changed.
She closes her eyes
as more tears threaten to make their escape.
The cold wind picks up
as the sun goes to sleep.
A single leaf catches her cheek
before blowing past her.
She tries to reach for it,
wishing the wind would
just carry her away too…

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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