777 Writers’ Challenge – Authors: I dare you to share yours!

This is my post for the 777 Writers’ Challenge. I’ve shared 7 lines, starting on page 7, at line 7 of my current Work In Progress…

When it comes down to it, he knows he can’t keep me here against my will. Not over something like this. He goes over the discharge papers with us and then sends in a nurse to unhook all these wires off of my body and remove the IV from my hand. After the nurse has set me free from all the wires and tubing, she and Kat leave me alone so that I can change out of this hideous hospital gown.

After I’m dressed, I do a once-over in the mirror. I look awful, as expected. But why should I care? I’m in the hospital. I make sure that I have my purse and everything that I need, and then I carefully creep out of the room.

Raven’s Undoing
Copyright ©2015 –ND White

2 comments on “777 Writers’ Challenge – Authors: I dare you to share yours!

  1. Okay, Nicky, I took the bait!
    Here you go:

    The ceiling was barely visible here, just a few grey smudges that suggested rough-hewn rock high overhead, but the open space crushed in on him more than the narrow corridor had. The last thing he wanted was to be trapped and broken under a rock-fall, unable to free himself as the phantoms of the long-deceased seeped from the walls, reaching for him…
    “Ungodly place,” he muttered, suppressing a shudder.

    The Blighted City
    © Scott Kaelen (due 2016)

    I’d read yours! 😉

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