Control ~

Always fighting for control
That need to be in charge
To be perfect
But who are you perfect for?
The judgmental stares of those around you?
Tiptoeing on shards of glass
Dancing around the edges
Hoping not to misstep
Cutting yourself
Bleeding while leaving a path behind you
Adding another scar to your tainted flesh
Whose reflection do you see when looking in the mirror?
Those hazel eyes staring back at you
Reflective pools of pain
Fooling you into seeing what isn’t there
You cover yourself, ashamed
Where is this beauty that others claim to see?
Why can’t you see it?
It’s there, looking back at you.
Deceiving you
Bending your will to break
Your strength is weakening
Hiding behind the hurt
You only want to be perfect
You only want to be you
But you’re not really in control
Not anymore
The painful truth is consuming you
Your secret is killing you
As you purge…
Your body quakes as your soul screams
Chasing that high
To deal with the pain
Because in reality,
It. Controls. You…

Copyright ©2015 –ND White

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