Raven’s Undoing ~ where am I?

I wanted to take the time to give everyone an update on where I’m at in the process of writing Raven’s Undoing. I have been asked this question a lot, especially lately. I am currently writing chapter 8. Yes, you read that right, I’m only on chapter 8. *insert frowny face here*

I did sit down and start writing Raven’s Undoing the day after Raven’s Innocence was released. And had I been on the same rigorous writing schedule as I was with my first book, then I should be writing the ending to this one by now. Yet, here I am, not even halfway through with it.

Instead of giving you a very long fluffy, yet detailed explanation as to why, I will sum it up for you here: Life Happens. These past five and half months have been by far, some of the busiest and also hardest months of my life, and as a result, my writing has been put on the back burner. And due to high stress and heartache, my muse hasn’t been talking much to me either. I am very disappointed by this, but life happens and sometimes you have to just pick and choose your battles. I wish that I was fortunate enough to spend all day every day writing, but between work and family, it just is not possible.

With that being said though, I am truly doing the best that I can to get Raven’s Undoing finished by this spring. Which means it will have taken almost a full year to put out the second book. Not exactly what I hoping for, but not everything always go as planned, right?

I do expect to start putting out some unedited excerpts though sometime in January. This book is proving to be a little more challenging to write than the first one because I have a couple of major plot twists taking place that are going to leave you on the edge of your seats. You may not know whether to scream and throw the book (but please be careful if you have a kindle, you don’t want to break such an expensive and precious item), or go down a fifth of whiskey in hopes to numb your feelings while slowly burning the confused yet disturbed emotions out of your system that you’re going to experience as Raven’s Undoing unravels you thread by delicate thread…

Either way, this book is not like the first one. Romance takes a back seat (for the most part) as emotions run high, lives are turned upside down, and some of the characters are hiding behind a delusional façade that they have created, and you have very much fallen victim to. You’re about to see that we’re all just a little unbalanced inside, in our own uniquely twisted ways…


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