Just you wait and see~

Pointing your finger
Calling me names
Never seeing your faults
On me you throw all the blame.

You can get angry
You can get mad
But when I open my mouth
It’s my fault everything‘s gone bad.

You say I live in the past
And I don’t even try
When I tell you that’s not true
You tell me I lie.

The pain that I feel
I’m dying inside
I want it all to go away
I just want to hide.

The years we had together
I thought it would never end
Now we’re two different people
I can’t even call you my friend.

Your anger and judgment
Your mind always closed
I can’t take anymore
I feel raw and exposed.

I’m sorry you’re so bitter
Why are you so mean?
I’m sorry I can’t fix this
I wish all of this could have been seen

You say no one will ever love me
Or be able to put up with me
Behind my glaring stare
There is so much hurt I won’t let you see.

I hope that one day you’re wrong
That there truly is someone out there for me
I’ll be happy, I’ll be safe, and I’ll be strong
Just you wait and see.

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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