Pushing the limits…Part Two



She is taking her time reading the changes that I have made to the contract. It takes everything I have within me not to snatch it from her hands and read it to her myself. Move it along, Anastasia. Move it along.

Watching her facial expressions closely as she reads, I see them quickly change from a a victorious smirk to a frown. She seems to be pleased with the changes, changes that she wanted, but something has displeased her apparently. And here we go…

“So the obedience aspect of the contract still stands?” she asks confused and irritated.

“Oh yes, Anastasia,” I reply with a grin. But that grin quickly fades and turns into a stoic expression as my lips press hard together watching as she rolls her eyes at my unwelcome response. “Did you just roll your eyes at me, Anastasia?”

“Possibly? It depends on what your…

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