Fire and Ice ~

You pulled me in, captured my heart.
You gave hope and brought the sun to light up my world.
You made so many promises.
The way you loved me.
The way you made love to me.
Your words would fill my soul and spread through my veins, lighting every fiber of my being ablaze.
I trusted you.
I believed you.
I bared my naked soul to you.
I should have known better.
You were perfect for me.
You said I was perfect for you.
You promised you would never hurt me.
Yet here I am, fallen and shattered.
Bleeding from the open wounds from which your stinging words flow.
I cry out until my screams turn into a deafening silence.
Begging for the pain to stop.
Wishing my heart ache would turn to anger.
Anger that would once again breathe life into me and pick me up off this floor.
A fire raging on that builds me up from the scattered ashes that I have become.
Burning away the pain, extinguishing the memories.
Lifting me from this hell that you once saved me from, yet cast me back into.
Taking from me all the love I had left inside.
Never trusting again.
Never being so vulnerable.
Protecting my heart from the cruelty of this world.
Knowing one day you’ll see what you had.
Someone who would have given you the world.
Someone whose love knows no bounds.
Someone that you even once believed you could never live without.
My heart may be fragile,
But I will keep it safe from now on.
Surrounded by fire and ice.
Forever fighting to extinguish the cold that will now replace the love you took from me.

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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