Raven’s Innocence Teaser

shutterstock_194981093 Grant and Raven making love

Grant pushes my legs apart once again, and then slowly slides himself inside of me……His mouth covers mine in a deep kiss, and I find that his kisses are suddenly somewhat different. There is a burning passion I’ve never felt from him before…urgent and demanding…..

He pulls his lips away from mine and gazes deep into my eyes, so deep that I feel as if he’s looking directly into my soul. “Mmm, Sweetheart,” he whispers in a deep passionate groan as he continues to make intense love to me……I can’t help but think about that look in his eyes as he was making love to me, though. A look of sorrow and anguish maybe? But why?

What is the cause of Grant’s sorrow and anguish? Is he hiding something from Raven?
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