I am okay with that…

As the end of May quickly approaches, I now realize that my deadline to have my book all ready to be released and actually be published, may come and go, and still no book…

Now, with that being said, I truly am OKAY with that.  This past month has had many trials and tribulations.  I lost one of my proofers, but was quickly saved by another. (Thank You Mal!!!)  I had to work on some serious rewriting of a few things.  And in the midst of all this going on, life just keeps happening.  So many hiccups and bumps along the way.

A very talented author has been helping me with some of my rewrites and one evening I was so flustered, through no fault of his own, he told me to “take a break and eat a bowl of ice cream.”  Now, I didn’t eat a bowl of ice cream, but I did walk away from the computer for a while; the rest of the night actually.  Sometimes you need those reminders from others to let yourself take a break and just breathe.  (Thank you AJ & Scarlett)

So, where am I now in this process?  Mal is finishing up proofing and I’ve started over from the very beginning of my book, going through it word by word, making sure I am satisfied with what I’m reading.  Once this process is complete, it will be time to format it and prepare it for upload into Create Space.

At this point, I am hoping to have this done by this coming Saturday, May 31st.  However, that may not be realistic and if it’s doesn’t happen then, it will soon thereafter.  AJ and Scarlett both reminded me that when I have my book in my hands, it needs to be exactly the way I want it to be.  Also, that I am Indie Author, therefore I create my own deadlines and I do this on my own time.  There is no need to rush through the process.  This is about quality now, the finished product.  So what if it releases a little later than I had hoped.  If pushing it out a little farther insures that I will have peace of mind knowing that my book is exactly the way I want it to be for my readers…..Well then, I am truly Okay with that.

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