Forever love them…

It’s when every fiber of your being feels it
When every beat of your heart only beats for them
When you breathe, you catch yourself holding onto it just a little longer
When you close your eyes, you see their face
When you open your eyes, you see them in everything else
Every thought you have, has them in it
Every smile you give, they are hiding behind
When your eyes light up, it’s because they are holding the match
Every song that plays, the beat dances through your soul and moves you
In the rain you feel the sorrow of missing them
With the sun you feel the warmth of finding them
Their voice calls to you through the whispers of the winds
The moon reflects their soul across the waters while you watch from the rocky edge
Your dreams are filled with them
Your reality craves them
And until you take your very last breath
And until your heart beats one last time
You’ll forever love them…

Copyright ©2014 –ND White

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