Life Happens

Life happens. It doesn’t slow down or stop just because you’re having a bad day. Life will throw you curveballs. Some days you’ll feel like things just can’t get any better. Other days you will wonder if someone above just really hates you. As you go through life you spend a lot of time looking back and reflecting on the choices you have made. You worry about the choices you are going to make. You worry about things you cannot change or control. And sometimes you don’t change the things that you can or should. When faced with a dilemma, you ask people for advice. Some will give it to you even when you don’t ask. You can try to rationalize it all that you want to in your head. You can look at the pros, and then at the cons. You try to be realistic and look at all possible outcomes. You ultimately drive yourself crazy trying to make sense of everything and listening to what everyone else has to say and think that you should do. But ultimately, the voice that matters the most….the one that has all the answers…..the voice that will tell you what to do if you will just shut up and listen….it doesn’t live in your head….it doesn’t come from your spouse, your family, or even your best friend. The voice comes from within. Only you know what is good for you. Only you can know what the right decision will be for you. If you will stop, wait, and just listen…’ll get all the answers that you need. After you get those answers, whether or not they were the answers you were looking for…..that is when you just close your eyes and jump. At that moment you know that the faith that gave you those answers is the same faith that will keep you from falling, but let you fly instead.

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