​Thanksgiving/Black Friday Rant

I just have to get this out because it is something that is really bothering me. As everyone knows many retailers have started their Black Friday deals on the evening of Thanksgiving. And now I see some retailers backing up their times to mid and early afternoon now. Will you please just F-ing stop!? I mean seriously!

What I hate most about this, is that there are many people who have strict budgets that they have to stick by, and when the Black Friday deals hit, for some people, they have to choose between spending Thanksgiving with family, or rushing out to start their Christmas shopping early because if they wait, everything will be picked through or out of stock. That new expensive toy their child wants so badly but their parent can’t afford any other time of year, and etc. Many people count on and need these price cuts. Which is okay, BUT, why in the hell can’t  Black Friday stay on Black Friday!??!!? Why can’t we go back to being able to relax and enjoy our families ALL of Thanksgiving day without the pressure and worry of having to get that Christmas shopping done? Many families don’t get together much anymore except at the holidays. Nothing in those stores can replace those precious memories. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Spend Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy them.

What does it hurt to wait until Black FRIDAY to actually do Black Friday Christmas Shopping??? Why are retailers doing this to people? All I can think is what Assholes they are! Yes, I just said that.

As for those retailers who refuse to participate in Black Friday on Thanksgiving, I want to say THANK YOU for having the decency to let people put their families first and enjoy each other. At least you know what the true meaning of this holiday season is all about.
*Drops Mic

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